DRAWING & Painting - Mixed Media

TUESDAYS (Drawing & Painting)  //  3:30PM-5:00PM  //  AGES 8-13 YRS.

Little Artists will have the opportunity in these studios to use such materials as oil and chalk pastels, pencil, ink, acrylic and watercolor paint on a variety of quality papers, canvas and other surfaces. Artists will begin to learn basic shape, gesture, portrait and still life drawing techniques.  Also, how to add shading and texture into their drawings and paintings. Children will become more familiar with the terms primary, secondary, analogous and monochromatic color and how to mix paint.

THURSDAYS (Mixed Media) //  3:30PM-5:00PM  //  AGES 8-13 YRS.

Little Artists have opportunities to combine a variety of materials in these studios. Using quality textiles in many of the projects such as wool, fabric, embroidery floss, felt and yarn. Other materials used in sculpture studios are metal, copper wire, hand-made paper, plaster, clay, cardboard and other recycled materials.

Children will explore many concepts such as positive and negative space, ‘sculpture in the round,’ score and weld, and how shape can create movement and other design elements. As well as learn a variety of needle stitches and sewing machine skills in the sewing studios. 

*School pick ups from Wade Thomas and St Anselm are available! Email us before purchase to reserve and pre-pay $5 per pick up.