Admission Process

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▪       Email for a school/classroom tour.
▪       Tours are scheduled throughout the year. 
▪       The goal of the tour, is to see if our curriculum, educational philosophies as well as our learning environment may be the right fit for your child and your family.
▪       Tours are for adults only. And about 1 -1 ½hr long.


▪       After the tour, you will receive our student application packet. 
▪       Please note that applications are only accepted for children who will turn 2½ in the upcoming school year. 
▪       We require a non-refundable application fee of $100
▪       Once we receive your application with the application fee. You will be contacted about scheduling your child to participate in a 30-minute small group play date with other applicants.
▪       Enrollment is ongoing.  The school year begins in September, but we will continue to enroll throughout the year if availability exists.  
▪       After the tour, application and playdate, we will determine if your family would be a good match for Little Tree Studios, we will extend an invitation to you to register your child! 
▪       However, once our school's enrollment is full, we will place those interested in attending on a waiting list. If a place for your child becomes available we will contact you promptly.


Upon email and a phone call of acceptance, a registration folder for your child will be mailed to your home.  This contains licensing forms needed for your child’s prior attendance in September. Please turn in the child’s registration folder and tuition deposit, which will be put towards their last month of school. If not received your child’s space may be put up for availability to another child. Home Visits will be scheduled with your child’s lead-teacher a month prior school starting.

NOTE: Beginning July 2016, in accordance to California SB 277, Little Tree Studios will only accept children who completed age required vaccines and children who have immunization exemptions due to medical reasons.