Please fill out this form once for each child that attends Little Tree. We will keep this on record and use it for any reason that we need to contact you during or outside of business hours.

Release of Liability *
Parents, guardians and all caregivers are encouraged to share the art experience with their child(ren) while attending classes at Little Tree Studios. Little Tree Studios believes that it is important for children to explore and try new things, therefore classes are designed using materials and tools that your child may have not used before such as paint, scissors and small objects for art use. This also includes the studio floor design, which allows for children to explore freely, but not unattended. Your child’s activities must be monitored and supervised by a guardian at all times. Guardians are responsible for their child’s selection of all types of materials. Parents who wish to place limits on access to certain art materials should discuss these limits with their children’s guardian. This is not the studio’s responsibility. Parents and guardians are responsible for deciding whether or not a project is appropriate for their child for they know their child best. If your child has tendencies to still put items in their mouth it is suggested that they wait to attend any classes at Little Tree Studios. By signing checking this form you are agreeing to the above statements and are agreeing to the supervision of your child(ren) while attending any classes at Little Tree Studios as well as their safety in choices of materials. And there for release liability of Little Tree Art Studios and its teachers from anything that occurs to you the adult or the child under your supervision.
Little Artist's Name *
Little Artist's Name
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Photo release *
From time to time kids may be photographed while in our sessions. If you are opposed to having any family members appear in public photos, on our website or other promotional materials, please let us know. These photos will be used on our blog to discuss and share our on-goings and lessons.
Parent or Legal Guardian's name *
Parent or Legal Guardian's name
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Payment *
I accept that I am responsible for paying Little Tree Studios the full tuition for any classes in which I have reserved a seat for my child unless cancelled 30 days in advanced.