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Teacher Employment Opportunities

We often have part-time employment opportunities available.  Please send a resume and  cover letter about yourself and why you are interested in joining our team below.  All of our employees must receive a criminal background check prior employment. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We enjoy our community and want our Little Artists to receive as much support as possible!  If you are interested in volunteering let us know your experiences and interests  in a brief email below.  We do require background checks for any adults who will be in our classrooms. We ask our volunteers to bring their love for art, inspiration and desire to help others. 

Camp Counselor Opportunities 

Each year we invite our older students to come back as a Camp Counselor to help our Little Artists during our Summer Camp weeks June-August.  This volunteer experience may be the first time for a young student, ages 12yrs-15yrs, to be working semi-independently and sometimes independently with young children in a supervised school camp environment. We ask our counselors to bring their love for art, inspiration and desire to help others.  And we will provide your young adult with a fun learning experience full of new life skills and a nurturing attitude for their future careers.  Please send us an email below letting us know your full name, age, which camp weeks your interested in joining and a little bit about why you would like to be a Camp Counselor at Little Tree Studios. 

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