Little Tree Art STUDIOS Program 

Artists 5-13yrs
Little Tree's After-School Art Studio, was created to give children ages 5-13 yrs a place where they can come after their school  day to explore different art materials and nourish their creativity in a fun and supportive workspace.  We offer classes that explore drawing, painting, sewing, sculpture and mixed media in a more elaborate way.  Our lessons are fun, creative and not your everyday craft work.  We strive to create cool, fun projects that allow Little Artists to use their own ideas and creativity, while still providing structure to teach design, tool use and art principles.  Theres no cookie cutter crafts here!   All work leaves the studio ready to be hung and admired-as it should!  All Little Artists drawings or paintings are framed in glass or done on canvas. 

Artists 2-5 yrs 
Our Pre-K,  Tinker Tot Studios, taught by Nichole Farnum, a Reggio based preschool teacher of 13 years follows the principles of Reggio based education, “The Hundred Languages of Children”.  Which describes children as having one hundred ways of thinking and learning, through work and play, through creativity, through science as well as imagination, fantasy and  reality. Having this constant variety of ways for a child to think and learn ensures our children are being fulfilled.  Reggio philosophies, believe that the environment also acts as a teacher, which you will see and feel when you come into our studio!  For the studio is set up in a warm inviting atmosphere with invitations for children to enter into and explore different materials and learn in a variety of creative way on their own, with the group or with an adult.  Each studio runs for a month, so your child will join a familiar group once a week 4-5 times. 


Its More Than Art

We believe our art classes should be kept small with only 8-10 Little Artists in each, to better provide a safe community atmosphere to where their individuality can be nurtured, and challenged in a way that builds a strong self-image and cultivates self-esteem through accomplishment and self-recognition. We take time to listen and focus on the inner child and the magic they hold within.  We want the “whole child”; heart, mind, spirit and body to grow and shine bright and be proud of their work and individuality. 

Art is really  an outlet for our personal voice.   We want to focus on building a welcoming and supportive environment for our Little Artists and families. Having a safe place to share our individuality makes it easier to learn how to open our hearts and understand one another.  Every child needs their voice heard as well as to learn how to hear the voices of their peers, teachers, community and their environment.   So sometimes that means pausing our daily activities to talk about feelings that arise and problem solve a situation with one another, together.  Through this type of open, and warm classroom the children’s communication skills with one another grow and therefore strengthens their self–worth. With strong self-esteem, kindness for others, and good communication skills a child will enter their life with tools for success!  


 Once a year we celebrate with the community and share all of our creations we have made throughout the year. The Annual Gallery Party is held usually in the early fall at the start of the new Sessions.  Each of our Little Artists who came that year can hang 3-4 pieces of their favorite art work and invite guests to celebrate in their accomplishments. This event is always open to the whole community.  Hope to see you there!

Annual Galley Party

Annual Galley Party


Little Tree is magical,  we have enjoyed workshops, classes and birthday parties that our daughter STILL talks about.  Highly recommend!
— Michelle T.
The Little Tree art camp was one of the few camps my daughter consistently wanted to attend over summer breaks. She took classes there for several years and the teachers were great about tailoring projects to a child’s specific age and capabilities. I was always impressed with the creativity and variety of class projects, the warmth of the instructors, and by the quality of the final works that my daughter brought home. I would highly recommend this camp!
— Tanya N.
My children’s’ experience at Little Tree was amazing. Nichole and her staff not only gave my children a chance to be artist, my children learned to find their voice via the art, were exposed to the masters (Klimt, Warhol, Klee, etc) and how to give and receive feedback. I treasure and display nearly every piece they made and every lesson they learned.
— Anne P.
Little Tree is great! I always look forward to it after school. Nichole really appreciates our art, and wants us to be the best we can be. She is always really nice and the activities that she comes up with are always super fun and creative. Most of the pieces that I have made are still hanging on my wall!
— Miel- age 10
This was the most special class experience I had with my child. Nichole’s mixture of creativity and kindness always made my child feel ready to push the boundaries on her exploration of art. It was a place that brought out her best self
— Lee
We LOVE Little Tree Studios and Nichole! Nichole comes up with creative and unique projects that make every child feel like an artist. What we loved most is that Little Tree Studios has options for everyone, and every child feels free to explore and create art. It’s as much about the process as it is about taking a final art piece home. In addition, when art pieces are completed, everyone in the class gets to see them displayed, and they gather around to say what they like about each others art. It’s a huge confidence builder, and makes everyone feel special. We are so sad Little Tree is no longer in SF. We love it so much we may need to start planning monthly trips to San Anselmo!
— Tara