Eric Carle Inspired Collages

During this Painting Studio we learned about paper collage painting.   Paper collage painting is an artistic process of painting paper using a variety of texture techniques and then cutting the paper into desired shapes and gluing them together on a flat surface.

Little Artists first sketched their designs, using inspiration from their favorite Eric Carle collage. Eric Carle, a famous children’s book author and artist, creates his brilliant illustrations using a collage technique of taking hand-painted papers he’s painted and then cuts and layers each piece until he creates beautiful images, usually of animals and other natural wonders.

Before we painted our paper we tested various painting techniques: wet-on-wet, dry brush, splatter painting, and textured brayers.

Little artists cut and assembled their textured shapes taking into consideration when designing their composition; line, color, texture, size and contrast.

The end result, bold and beautiful animals that pop off the paper!