Needle Felting

In this Sewing Studio, Little Artists learned about needle felting.  Needle felting is a delightful form of sculpting.  Using only roving wool, a needle and a foam block you can create birds, bugs, animals, monsters or people.

Little Artists practice patience, concentration and safety while felting their animals.  Starting with small pieces of wool, they tightly rolled first and then used the needle to poke the wool slowly, adding more and more wool until they reached the desired size and shape.

Smaller features, such as, button eyes, wings, legs, tentacles and beaks were all made and added separately.

Finally, Little Artists sculpted homes for their animals.  Using another medium, plaster gauze.

They dip the material into water, molded it and after it dried, they painted. The end result Little Artists have a perfect little wool pet and a place for it to sleep.

See You at the Next Studio!

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