Vanishing Point

In this drawing studio, Little Artists learned the steps of how to draw three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional plane. The first step was to draw an eye level horizon line where the land and the sky meet.

Since we are drawing a one-point perspective drawing, Little Artists drew one vanishing point in the center of their horizon line where everything in their drawing will vanish out of sight. Drawings with one vanishing point are typically roads, railway tracks, hallways, or buildings so that the front is directly facing the viewer.

Next, Little Artists drew lines from the center vanishing point to the bottom corners of their paper.

On one side, they drew buildings and on the other side they drew trees and fences.  To further understand three-dimensional imagery, they learned the concept that when an object is closer, it’s larger and has more detail and when an object is further away, it is small and blurry.

Reflection on glass frames has blurred the photos :(

We looked at photos of the city of San Francisco and used these ideas in our perspective drawings: clouds, trolleys, people, cars, lap posts, and birds. When the drawings were completed, we traced over our pencil lines with permanent marker and added color, using water colored pencils for a finishing touch.

See you at the next Studio!