Homemade Bathtub Paint

Try this out with your Little Artists, they'll love you for it!

Mix up some tear free baby bubble bath/body wash with a little cornstarch and a little food coloring.  Your kids will have so much fun painting the walls and even painting themselves. Don’t worry about them painting themselves either because it’s made with gentle, tear-free, baby wash. It won’t stain your tub walls either, it washes off of white tiles and grout very easily.

Here's the recipe:

 What you'll need (to make 4 containers):

1 cup baby bubble bath or body wash - clear/white

4 Tbsp cornstarch

A few drops of food coloring

4 small containers with lids


1. In a mixing bowl mix together your bubble bath and cornstarch

2. Pour this mixture into 4 small containers

3. Pour a couple drops (you only want to use a couple drops so it won't stain) of food coloring in each container and mix well

4. Your kids can use either paintbrushes or their hands to have fun in the tub

5. When you're done, snap on the lid and they're ready to go for next time