Who's Getting CRAFTY ?!

Got time on Saturday Mornings? Today we spent our morning making Sharpie Tie Dye Tote Bags!

We even had extra time to create a catapult and a marble run from the "Collect, Create, Construct" corner in the studio.

Wood, metal styrofoam, cardboard and access to a bucket of thing a ma jigs  we can create so many things!  

"Im going to make a catapult? But how do I do it" 

I don't know? Lets try and see what happens?....

And the marble run...

Lets try it! What else do you think you might need?

"The marble got stuck!"

Why? What should we do to fix it?

"Now it wont roll down!"

Hmm.. What do we need to do to move the marble?

"Maybe Ill try angling the hose more and fixing the tape so It wont stick"

A very successful Saturday morning!