The Strongest Power We Have is Our IMAGINATION

We all have an imagination, it's whether we choose to use it or not.  Many of us adults seem to "grow out of it" and the fact is that we just do not give our self the opportunity to create and exercise our imagination so we actually start to forget how easy and fun it is to   "let go" and let your mind explore and feel the emotions of a creative moment.


At Little Tree Studios we offer many classes to children to learn technique but we also offer Open Studios where the kids can come with open ideas.


Our job as educators and parents is to remember the importance of creativity and give our children as many opportunities to use their imagination and never let them "grow out of it!"  Let them sew, build, paint, and act! Your child will thank you for it in the future!

Take a lesson from the kids and exercise your imagination, go on try it!

We are all artists.