Costumes Are Here!!

Yesterday afternoon, during our Sewing studio a little artists proudly asked, Do you think anyone will know that I made my costume?  I said of course they will! Because you will TELL them YOU made it when they ask you, "Where did you get such a cool costume!" The little artist smiled the biggest smile you ever saw!

Children gain self-esteem through many different avenues in life.  Allowing a child to create and express thier ideas and thoughts is the best route, in my opinion, to a strong self-esteem.  And encouraging these ideas along the way into something REAL is our job as parents and teachers.

Working and creating a costume that a child dreamed up you may think is difficult.  But a child will ALWAYS surprise you with their creativeness and determination when you give them the opportunity.

The end result.  A work of art.  The child's original idea is now tangible.   The world now sees their ideas, their thoughts, and what you  CAN do.  Art is EMPOWERING.

In this studio, we first sketch our costume designs. It is important to put down all of our ideas and start to plan what kinds of materials we might want to use, or may need to find to create our costumes.

We then found our materials...

I need wings...I need a cloak...

How do you suppose we make those items? Any ideas?


Allowing the child to problem solve is very important and rewarding to them when they find a solution!



Maybe I can just measure this from my arm to my fingers...I want the ends of the wings to be round...


I want the cloak to be down to my toes...maybe I should check to make sure its long enough...




Day 2




Day 4

Costumes are Finished!!  We added all the finishing details to the cape, wings, scepter, dress, bags and chicken feet!