Why Do We All LOVE Crafts?

Children love crafts!! They seem to become fixated when they are drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and working through artistic activities.     

Kids love working with their hands.  The sense of happiness that children experience while crafting is an unmistakable give away that something greater is going on with their learning. Why is this?


Its the sense of achievement children get when they are working on crafts  that involves their creativity and stimulates their imagination.  But there is so much more  than just the a sense of achievement...


The amazing developmental benefits that children can obtain through creative craft ideas make children's crafts such a crucial part of a child's healthy development!!




At Little Tree Studios we offer drop off Crafty Saturdays and Date Nights for children to get their craft on! A time where a child will unknowingly learn developmental skills through simple craft activities!

*Creative and Visual Spatial Development!!

Creating fun craft activities for kids, offering a variety of materials and simple task related instructions, their imagination and ability to make creative choices can develop. Children create an image of what they want to create in their task. They can transfer this image through the use of their hands and the materials into their craft work. When developed appropriately, this important skill can assist children with skills such as visualizing details, the recall of information through mental imagery, creation of living pictures and visualizing of goals.


*Concentration, Planning and the completion of tasks!!

Children's crafts assist with the development of the ability to concentrate and avoid distractions. Through the focus that is required to work through craft activities, children learn to focus on one task at a time. They learn that through focus they are able to successfully complete a task. Also  arts and crafts for kids assist with the development of both visual and verbal planning skills. Visual spatial skill development assists children to create plans in their mind's eye of what they want to achieve through their craft project.  Children learn the skill of persistence when completing any activity or craft project. Choosing from one of many craft ideas and seeing the task through to completion regardless of set backs is an important skill for children to learn. If developed early in life, this can assist a child with school work, project development and goal setting.


Praise and feedback are important factors here when they are attempting a new activity or craft project. Assisting children if they are struggling with an aspect or completion of a task can be important. Giving praise throughout the process and at the completion of the task helps the child to learn a sense of accomplishment associated with the development and completion of projects.

Creative craft ideas for kids are so valuable for healthy development.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, grandparent or nanny, kids crafts and children's activities are a fantastic way to connect with children and watch them grow and develop.

See You at the Next Studio!!