Busy Pre-K Bees!

Our Little Seedlings Pre-K classes have been very busy this past month with  more new experiences! Including taking that big step into getting messy which can be very hard for many kids but extremely important!!      

This little seedling loves moving the brayer over the paint, smoothing the surface out, and then creating a new texture with rolling the brayer back through the paint.  Eventually, taking a that chance to dip his finger into the paint to draw. Doing it over and over again, not realizing that he has achieved a major accomplishment!! Bravo!

Everything a child does he is learning about cause and effect!  Feeling the paint move under their fingers to create a line or circle. Watching the brayer roll over paper and flaten a blob of paint is exciting and new.  Even though right now art is really about the experience soon their marks will have reason behind each squiggle.


Another Little Seedling goes another direction with the new and bizarre art tools in front of him.   Finding the positve and negative results of rolling over pieces of paper  and pulling them off brought on giggles of laughter!

Feeling safe and comfortable makes it easier to try new things and grow too! Young pre-schoolers learn from watching other children and working alongside their adults.  At Little Tree Studios we want children to feel comfortable enough to enjoy these new experiences and become confident so that when they start to create with intent they will not question their abilities.



Coming to art class with an adult and working along side  someone the child knows gives the child reassurance and a guiding hand with new projects.  Also remembering as adults we need to take a step back sometimes to give our little ones a chance to do what they  feel is the "right way" ( No Hovering, you know we all do it!) and experiment  will build their self-confidence as well.  Especially when we give them praise for a job well done!



See You at the Next Studio!