Gustav Klimt Tree of Life

In this painting studio, Little Artists learned about an Austrian Painter, Gustav Klimt.  Using Gustav Klimt’s painting Tree of Life for inspiration Little Artists experimented painting fluid motions to create a tree similar to Gustav’s!     

We wanted to make the background for our tree pop, so we mixed up browns and reds to create a dark maroon hue. It quickly dried allowing us to start painting our swaying sides and swirled branches in a metallic gold.  Starting the tree from the bottom of our paper and moving up we made sure to think about position and balance of the tree as we went….varying the sizes of our swirls to give the tree a good balance.  Learning how to control our brushes and knowing how each brush tip works so differently then the next, takes practice.  Soon we each had our individual favorite brushes to do the job!


Looking at Gustav Klimt’s detailed elegance on his braches and trunk we began to see he used many symbolic images throughout his tree.  So each Little Artist created their own symbolic mosaic details, adding color throughout their swirled tree branches. The last touch was using a fine tipped black ink to outline our trees to make them POP even more!


Looking at famous art works allows our artistic ideas to blossom.  Seeing a new way to draw a tree gives us reason to see how many other ways we can draw an image.  Critiquing what you like or dislike and changing it to fit your personality and voice is what art is all about.  Be inspired!

See You at the Next Studio!