In House Mural

In this painting studio, Little Artists created a concept together for an in-house mural. Taking a look at popular photos of murals in the Mission and other areas of San Francisco for inspiration; Clarion Alley, Balmy Alley and on the Women’s Building, Duboce Bikeway Mural and the Market Street Railway Mural. Our Little Artists choose to create a mural about beauty and how we all need to help the animals all around the world survive extinction. Little Artists collaborated together on which images and animals they wanted to include in the mural.

In designing the layout of the mural Little Artists drew each image onto the overhead projector and moved the images around to find the correct balance.


Contributing all their own images; birds to show peace and love.  And the tree, waterfall, and sun to show that we need to keep the earth clean for the animals we love!




Experimenting with different size brushes, control and learning about color mixing was very enjoyable.   In the end, we had a greater appreciation for muralists and all the work that goes into creating a mural. Each one takes time to paint but the end result is very gratifying!

See You at the Next Studio!