Monster Pinch Pots

In this mixed media studio, we worked with an air-dry clay to create monsters using a simple pinch pot technique.  The pinch pot method is simply working the clay into a large ball and pushing and pinching the clay from the center until you have a nice sized bowl, which became the mouth of their monster.     

Clay is a great medium for kids because it is so forgiving, if there is a piece they didn’t like they could easily manipulate it into something new. Little Artists created and moved the clay around until they saw something they liked. Slowly their monster pots became more elaborate.


Learning about the importance of slip “glue” and scoring, the children began to securely add details such as teeth, eyes, and tails onto their monster pots.  Any small pieces that were attached, needed to be scored correctly otherwise as it dried it would have the potential of falling off. Our Little Artists then learned about the small wood tools and metal gouges artists use with clay.  A few of the children used them to add scales and smooth on their monster’s spikes. And with more experience they will all find these tools can be very useful with smaller details.


A week later, after the sculptures had dried, Little Artists used bright acrylic paint to make polka dots, stripes and scales on their pots.  Practicing a slow steady hand and using correct size brushes they were able to paint more fine details.


Our monster pinch pots are so ferocious no one will dare reach into their mouths!!



 See You at the Next Studio!!