Snow Owls

In this painting studio we learned a quick and fun way to paint snow owls. All we needed to know is how to draw a circle, oval, and triangle.

And Voila! A cute owl with eyes that really glow!!!

The first step, was painting the background.  The color teal was the obvious favorite here!! Next, splattering white snow!


Then, we immediately painted our owls over the background. No need for it to dry.  We made sure to think about positioning before painting the owls body so we would have room to give our owls a nice branch to perch on.


*The challenge here for all the kids was giving each of our owls personality from one another (different eyes, feathers, wings)

Just incase we needed to pick one out in an owl line up!! :)

This can be hard for kids when there is an example of work in front of them that they want to so badly follow down to the last feather....But they did very well!- They added glasses, one made their owl skinnier others made their wings stick up instead of down.


We worked on a few constructive inventions while we let our work dry.


Coming back to our paintings we added our black outline.  Outlining can be  tedious but it defines a piece.  The children learned how to use the tip of the brush only and how to drag the paint along the edge of their owls with out pushing the brush down, which would create a thinker line.


See at the Next Studio!