Dragons and Castles

In this Drawing studio we celebrated the Chinese New Year learning how to draw a fierce dragon and castle landscape. Our castle lesson focused on how shading techniques can create shadow and light in our drawings, which is an important step in making them appear 3- dimensional.  Shading a drawing can add texture, feeling and depth and can be done in different ways. Little Artists played with different pencils that have hard and soft graphite as well as paper blending pencils to experiment with smudging and blending the towers, drawbridges and moats.  Since drawing buildings also requires an artist to use a ruler we worked from a 1- point perspective to keep our lesson manageable. A few of our Little Artists dabbled in cross-hatching, which with practice can add shading with a more textured look.




The dragon lesson focused on how to draw animal through a two-step process; gesture drawing the basic form of the animal first and then adding the detail.  Learning to draw lightly and to quick gesture draw (sketching an object with out lifting your pencil) allows you to look more at the object than at the paper to block in an objects form correctly before adding in the remaining details and shadows needed to make and object look real to the eye.  Little artists gave their dragon’s life with large wings, horns, a toothy jaw all the way down to its fierce tail and scales.




The end result, two framed pieces that compliment one another.  A dark mysterious castle and its mystical dragon



See You at the Next Studio!