Expressive Portraits

In this Studio, we looked at Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits that she painted throughout her life.  And learned fun facts about her life as an artist here in San Francisco, CA.   

Learning that a portrait could be drawn from different perspectives such as straight on, ¾ angle and profile.  We took expressive photographs of ourselves to use as a reference for own self-portraits. We learned about the standard measurements and alignment in drawing a face, which we then put into practice in our own self-portraits.

Learning to lightly sketch our faces in can be the trickiest part, for we all want our pictures to look perfect right off the bat.  The secret is to slowly layer the details on looking at shapes, proportion and color until we see a realistic portrait of ourselves.




We used watercolor pencils to shade and blend our colors of our face and hair.  Smoothing the textures for our skin and using a rougher pencil texture for our hair. Lastly choosing a hue for the background that would make our portrait stand out.  Many of us choosing warm or complimentary colors to make the final piece pop!


See you at the next Studio!