Eric Carle Painted Paper

In this studio, we learned about two wonderful artists, Franz Marc and Eric Carle. Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of The Artist Who Painted the Blue Horse, which introduces how there are no “wrong colors” to children through creating various painted paper collages of an orange elephant, pink rabbit, and a red crocodile. Similarly, Franz Marc’s style is to paint stylistic animals using unrealistic colors as well. Franz Marc’s most famous work is Blue Horse. IMG_1205

Inspired, Little Artists create their own animal collage using Eric Carle’s painted paper technique.

IMG_1192 IMG_1036

First drawing their favorite animal on white paper and cutting out all the parts to use as a pattern on their hand-painted papers, which they painted using different texture techniques and shades of color.

IMG_1019 IMG_1017

IMG_1029 IMG_1013

Resulting in a beautiful collage of monochromatic colors layered into a beautiful animal.

IMG_1031 IMG_1186

IMG_1196 IMG_1203

IMG_1032     IMG_1211

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