Native American Story Necklaces

In this design studio we created our very own story necklaces similar to traditional Native American Story necklaces where each bead was carved to represent a creature,  animals or an ancestor. IMG_0947  IMG_0946

IMG_0951 IMG_0950

Little Artists created each bead with cloud clay on their string so when it dried it would remain in its position.  Later painting on details such as spots, stripes, faces and words.

IMG_1059 IMG_1056  IMG_1042IMG_1046    IMG_1062

Little artist dictated representation or reason for each bead on their necklace into a book.  The book covers then each had an original "finger print" designed cover which was made by rolling our paint with a brayer and drawign a design directly into the paint.  Their books were then laid over the top of the paint, revealing their design as they pulled the paper up.

IMG_1063  IMG_1081 IMG_1087

IMG_1074 IMG_1075

IMG_1077 IMG_1079

IMG_1078 IMG_1090




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