Tissue Topiary

In this mixed media studio, little artists created a faux topiary. Topiary is the horticultural practice of training live perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees and shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, geometric or fanciful. As an art form it is a type of living sculpture. IMG_0990

Once we decided what topiary form we wanted to create we bent low gauge wire around the base of a wooden dowel, which will become our topiary trunk. Then we twisted and wrapped the remaining wire to create a two-dimensional frame of our design.

IMG_0997 IMG_1000 IMG_0999  IMG_1002

This frame was then stuffed with newspaper and craft paper to make the form 3-dimensional!! We wrapped twine around our dowels for texture, before securing the trunk of the topiary into wet plaster in the small clay pot base.IMG_1009IMG_1010IMG_1011 Our topiary forms were wrapped with chicken wire (done by adult) to create a nice tight web to which we glued tissue squares in shades of green to cover the whole sculpture.

IMG_1178  IMG_1165 IMG_1162 IMG_1163 IMG_1167 IMG_1173  IMG_1183

IMG_1368   IMG_1363 IMG_1362


Many of us had quick fingers, which gave us time to decorate out pots with acrylic paint. Now we each have a no maintenance topiary!! See you at the next studio!