Ukrainian Pansky Eggs

In this painting studio, we learned how to make the traditional Ukrainian Pansky Dyed Eggs.  Using hardboiled eggs, for its firmness, we drew designs on the white shell with a pencil.      Next, we traced over the areas we wanted to stay white with a wax pen called a Kiska.  The Kistka is a pen that has a small hallow tip that holds black bees wax.  The tip is warmed over a candle to melt the black bees wax through the tip to trace our designs.



When we finish covering all the areas we want to stay white we dip our egg into the yellow dye.  The wax repels the yellow dye keeping the parts we covered with wax white. We repeat the wax process all over again with the Kistka before dipping the egg into pink, green, blue and black.


When the egg has been dipped in the last color we then melt all the bees wax off to reveal all the beautiful colors and designs.



The finished eggs were then coated with a varnish and set to rest in moss bed in a wire nest woven by the Little Artists with colorful silk ribbon and natural raffia ribbon.





See You at the Next Studio!