Green Baskets

In this design studio, little artists learned about the art of basketry. Native and aboriginal tribes are renowned for their basket-weaving techniques made from a variety of fibrous or pliable materials such as pine straw, stems, animal hair, hide, grasses, thread, and wood. IMG_1219

IMG_1218   IMG_1415

Our goal of this “green” studio was to save an empty juice can by weaving it into a dainty basket. The weaving was accomplished with a single strand of cereal box cardboard cut to create a continuous strip that was woven through the juice can.

IMG_1220 IMG_1223  IMG_1221 IMG_1226 IMG_1412 IMG_1406

Unlike the Native and aboriginal baskets that were usually traded for goods our metal-bottomed baskets are quite sturdy and could serve to store a variety of small items from craft supplies to little Easter goodies. Our little artists decided to paint their baskets and give them as gifts.

IMG_1427 IMG_1423 IMG_1439 IMG_1455

See You at the Next Studio!