Paul Klee Castles

In this painting studio, Little Artists learned about the artists, Paul Klee. images-6  images-7

Studying Paul Klee’s geometric paintings, Little Artists studied his famous painting castle before creating their own. The first step was to draw thier castle's with geometric shape templates of rectangles and triangles onto their canvas similar to those also found in the illustrations of the book, The Cat and the Bird by Geraldine Elschner and Peggy Nille.


IMG_1374 IMG_1375

Little Artists painted each geometric shape of their castle with acrylic painted learning how to mix the warm and cool colors depicted in Paul Klee’s Castle.

IMG_1378  IMG_1381 IMG_1383IMG_1931

This studio gave us great practice with using different types of brush tricks and techniques while painting.

IMG_1935  IMG_1938

See you at the Next Studio!