Spring Break Camp

This past week we held Spring Break Camp here at Little Tree Studios for children ages 5-12yrs.  We put together a play around the story Skippyjon Jones.

A comedic adventure



Original story written by Judy Schachner

 Skippyjon Jones lives with his mother Junebug, his three sisters Jezebel, Jillyboo, and Ju Ju Bee.  Skippyjon Jones is a little kitten with big ears and even bigger dreams! Sometimes he pretends to be a bird, sometimes he pretends to be a llama, and sometimes he pretends to be a whale… Anything BUT a Siamese cat!

His Mama sends him to his room so that he can think about behaving like the cat he really is. While bouncing on his big boy bed, Skippyjon’s wild imagination takes over again.  In this adventure, he becomes El Skippito Friskito, the Chihuahua! He dons a mask, a cape, and an accent, and transforms into the greatest sword fighter in old Mexico! Skipopito saves the day for the local pack of chihuahuas who are terrorized by the gigantic bee, Alfredo Buzzito El Blimpo Bublebeeto Bandito.



IMG_1591 IMG_1659IMG_1678  IMG_1656   IMG_1493  IMG_1490

 IMG_1494 IMG_1495  IMG_1653  IMG_1508  IMG_1505  IMG_1510     IMG_1513   IMG_1522IMG_1500


IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1597  IMG_1587 IMG_1585 IMG_1582 IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1576 IMG_1572 IMG_1570

Hats and Costumes...

IMG_1605  IMG_1618     IMG_1631 IMG_1634  IMG_1637IMG_1647IMG_1649

IMG_1646  IMG_1623


IMG_1639   IMG_1541

IMG_1546  IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538  IMG_1531

IMG_1643       IMG_1661 IMG_1672IMG_1663 IMG_1641IMG_1669

Invites-Chihuahua covers made with brayers and ink

IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1464 IMG_1468 IMG_1467  IMG_1465 IMG_1474  IMG_1472 IMG_1469  IMG_1477IMG_1556IMG_1560IMG_1561  IMG_1551

Our Cast

IMG_1682 IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1690  IMG_1693 IMG_1695 IMG_1699 IMG_1701  IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1708 IMG_1711


Performing the Big Show...

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