More Crafty Saturdays Under Our Belts

Today we practiced our simple sewing stitch on paper. IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2691

First we pre-poked holes through our drawn image so that it was easier to pull the floss through.

IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2703

When we were finished sewing we pasted our  papers to printed papers and framed them-Super Cute!IMG_2706 IMG_2711 IMG_2707


Last weeks Crafty Saturday,  we each took a blank canvas and explored mixing and painting in monochromatic colors.  We also explored textures in painting by adding other mediums such as sand and thick gel.  It was tons of fun to just explore the canvas and paint!

IMG_2467 IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_2464 IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2470 IMG_2471 IMG_2479 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2481 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2489

We came up with a lot of funny names for our work.  "Yellow Butter", "Just Nobody" and "Blue love"

See you at the Next Crafty Saturday!