Bookmaking Camp

This week at Little Tree Studios we created our very own books.  We started with making recycled paper out of the bits we already had in the studio.  Snip Snip Snip! IMG_6871  IMG_6768 IMG_6769  IMG_6765 IMG_6780

We practiced our story telling using a technique called story mapping.  Story mapping is when you collect an equal number of objects to the number of friends you have telling the story.  We had 13 friends telling the story so we put 13 objects in a bucket. Each friend pulled an object from the bucket and used that object to help them add an idea, character, setting, or plot to the story.

IMG_6771 IMG_6772

The next step was to blend the snipped pieces of paper with water in a blender to create a pulp. The pulp is then dumped into a large container with more water.  At this point dried leaves, flowers and glitter can be added.

IMG_6795 IMG_6781 IMG_6815IMG_6838  IMG_6827

Next we used our deckle and frame to pull the pulp out and form thin sheets of paper.Using felt sheets and towels we soaked up as much water as we could before laying them out to dry overnight.

IMG_6829 IMG_6839 IMG_6845 IMG_6851 IMG_6859 IMG_6899

The next day, we made marbled paper for the insides of our covers by dropping paint into shaving cream and swirling the drops around to create a marbled design which was transferred to the paper.

IMG_6807  IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6884

We spent the next few days writing our stories.

IMG_6872 IMG_6873 IMG_6881  IMG_6863  IMG_6868 IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6902

We bound our signature pages with wax string and designed our covers.

IMG_6897  IMG_6909IMG_6920 IMG_6917 IMG_6912    IMG_6905 IMG_6901  IMG_6883 IMG_6887 IMG_6893

Finally the book reading party! Many amazing stories all original!  Many stories were inspired by  favorite childrens books,  characters, family and vacations!


The Mystery

Once there was a robber who robbed a bank in Tahoe California. The bank called the police and right away they sent their two best detectives and two dogs.  The detectives found out which way the robbers went because of the footprints in the snow.  But the footprints stopped in the snow because the robber dug a secret underground tunnel to get away. The tunnel led to a jewelry store!  The robber went in when all the shoppers had left and stole everything! Luckily, the detective’s dogs sniffed their way, leading the detectives to the jewelry store. But it was too late the robber was gone.  The detectives were puzzled.  Why would the robber come into a jewelry store and not take anything? The detectives were unaware that all the jewelry in the store was fake!  But one of the detectives spotted suspicious footprints the same size as the robbers so they followed them but they were starting to lose hope. Meanwhile, the robber went ice-skating at the local ice rink.  He was dressed up as a little girl!  The detectives noticing the little girl with no parents came over immediately and asked “Little girl are you lost?” The detectives felt bad and took the little girl to a toy store.  While at the toy store the little girl was looking at the ……toys and the detectives started asking questions and they soon realized it was the robber in disguise!! The detectives sent the robber to jail. All the money was brought back to the bank and the jewels to the jewelry store. The detectives and the dogs lived happily ever after.  The robber stayed in jail forever! The End

 IMG_6933 IMG_6934

Why In The World?

The amazing spy puppy and her sidekick kitten were famous in these parts.  They solved every mystery!  However things got hairy when a heard of giraffes showed up to have a duel against them!But little did the giraffes know that the spy puppy and kitten had invisible powers.  Which is how they usually win their battles against evil. The battle with the giraffes continued for days…as the battle continued the spy puppy and sidekick kitten were invincible.  They pulled out their water guns. The giraffes passed out so fast with every squirt of the water from the gun! The giraffes were like…”Whaaaaaaaat? Why in the world would there be floating water guns?”  The giraffes were boggled by the magic water guns. “Pink water coming out not blue?” The battle continued… More and more giraffes passed out.The King of the giraffes had a magical gem necklace that the spy puppy and sidekick kitten were after.  Once they sprayed the king giraffe and his servants, the spy puppy and sidekick kitten stole the gem necklace. Once the gem necklace was in their possession they took it to their spy lair to investigate it further and find out what the gem could do! Finding out that the gem was the most powerful thing in the world after putting it in their “what does it do” machine and watching the machine spit out the longest list ever, the spy puppy and kitten got very excited since the gem could pretty much do everything. As the spy puppy and kitten were doing their happy celebration dance, a few giraffes started to wake up.  Not the king giraffe since he was the last to pass out. The giraffes devised a plan to sneak up on the kitten and puppy and steal the gem back! The giraffes had the best disguises in the world that only the gem could detect.  When confronted by all the awoken disguised giraffes the gem jumped right out of the puppy’s paw into the giraffes. But the puppy brought out her cake shooter making all the disguised  giraffes blind with cake in their eyes. The puppy of course got the gem back in her paws. The gem whispered in her ear… “ the magic water guns were not powerful enough to keep the giraffes asleep.  These people in disguise are the giraffes!”The puppy quickly brought out more powerful guns and squirted the disguised giraffes again. This time when the giraffes got squirted they passed out forever! And the spy puppy and kitten lived happily ever after with the magical gem that could do everything! The End.


Bambooie and Clover

Once upon a time there was a baby panda bear named Bambooie.She lived in a bamboo forest and she ate sooo much bamboo that she would get a stomachache and she would have to jump up and down to feel better! One day Bambooie was chomping away when a bunny hopped over.  The bunny’s name was Clover.  They became the best of friends because they both loved to jump.One day they were playing in the forest and a fox appeared and chased the bunny away.Bambooie remembered the fox telling the other animals that he was allergic to flowers.  Luckily Bambooie was sitting next to flowers and he threw a handful at the fox when he passed and the fox ran away.Clover and Bambooie were so happy they celebrated by playing the game “Who Can Jump the Highest” and eating cupcakes.  Clover had a carrot cupcake and Babooie had a bamboo cupcake.  They laughed and danced and lived happily ever after.The End.


Those Darn rabbits

Mrs. Sarah lived in a little house in a forest with a big vegetable garden.  Plants were Mrs. Sarah’s favorite things in the world. She grew carrots and cabbage and all the vegetables you could think of.  But Mrs. Sarah had a problem.  Someone was stealing her vegetables! She thought it might be her neighbor Mr. Brown because he loved to eat vegetables too. One day, she was sitting on her porch, thinking about how to ask Mr. Brown if he was stealing her vegetables.  She finally figured out how she would ask, and went to Mr. Brown’s house.  She asked Mr. Brown, and his reply was, “I didn’t steal any vegetables, but I did one time see rabbits hopping in your yard.”  “Those darn rabbits!” said Mrs. Sarah.  She went back to her house to think of how to protect her vegetables from the rabbits.  She decided to put a fence around her garden.  Meanwhile, in the rabbit’s hole, the rabbits were making a plan.  They would climb over the fence, grab a carrot, bring it to the top of the fence and drop it on the other side where their rabbit friends were waiting to take them back to the hole. While Mrs. Sarah finished the fence, the rabbits got ready to climb.  Mrs. Sarah went inside and the rabbits got started.  They created a line from the hole over the fence to the carrots which they passed the carrots back along.   Once they had enough, the rabbits ran back to the hole. When Mrs. Sarah came back outside, she realized that some of her carrots were gone.  “THOSE DARN RABBITS!!!” Next she put up an electric fence dome.  But the rabbits were already making another plan.   One of the rabbits had shoes that protected him from the electric fence and so he jumped onto it from a tree and cut a hole with a little pocketknife he had found. So he grabbed more carrots and brought them back to the hole. When Mrs. Sarah saw the hole in the top of the fence she said, “THOSE DARN RABBITS!”  She sat and thought about it, then went out and took down the electric fence dome.  She took down the fence.  She hammered a sign into the ground that said “Dear Rabbits, you may have this garden I don’t need it anymore.” Then she went to the other side of the yard and started digging a new garden plot for her own carrots. The rabbits read the sign and took the carrots and Mrs. Sarah was happy she could now live happily with the rabbits.


The Cat the Mouse and the Rat

Once upon a time a boy lived with his cat in a tiny pink house. Far in the corner of the living room behind the green couch also lived a tiny grey mouse. There was another animal in the tiny pink house that was unwanted.  It was the rat.  He lived in the hallway near the cat’s bed cushion.  All the rat really wanted was some friends but nobody wanted to play. This made the rat very sad.One day the mouse and cat were playing their favorite game, tag. Cat was very good at tagging since he was bigger than the mouse. The rat noticed the two playing tag and came over to play. This was the best day ever because the cat and mouse said “Sure, you can play with us today!” The three friends played and had a great time.  They even all fell asleep together on the cats cushion. The End.


The Wild Adventure

Once upon a time in Africa there lived a family of cheetahs.  There was a mother cheetah and three daughters.  The oldest cheetah, named……was very brave and helped her two younger cheetah sisters.One day the mother and daughters were running through the trees and heard the “oooohh ooooh aahhhahhhhha” from the Danny the mischievous monkey.  Danny the monkey is always up to no good.   The family quickly ran to the river.  They were planning to have an afternoon picnic and swim.  While they were having fun in the water they heard the monkey’s call.  “Oooooohhhhh aaaaaaaahh aaaahhhh. “ After swimming they came out to find all of their food gone! Phaedra knew right away that it was Danny the mischievous monkey.  Luickly she ran after the monkey to get the food back.  Finding the monkey in the trees, three miles away she quietly snuck up on the monkey capturing him and putting him in a cage. The monkey said “Waaaaaahhhhhh”and the oldest cheetah looked straight at the monkey and said, “ You better not take our food any more!”  The monkey promised to be good and she let him free. The cheetah family lived happily ever after in Africa. The End


Turkish Detective

This story takes place in the country of Turkey.  There was a detective who lived in Turkey and his name was Liam.  He was reading the newspaper one day and found out that someone robbed a bank.  He went to Istanbul to see who it was. He looked all around for the burglar with the picture from the newspaper, but he couldn’t find him. He thought maybe he left the country so he went to Izmir to get a plane ticket to America, but he saw the burglar at the airport. HE WAS TRYING TO ESCAPE ON A PLANE TO ENGLAND! The burglar boarded the plane to London, England.  The burglar was planning to steal a piece of the famous London Bridge.  If successful the London Bridge would collapse! Liam put on a disguise and boarded the plane. As they passed each other after the flight in the baggage terminal the burglar recognized the detective by his distinctive hat. The burglar started to run towards a cab.  Liam the detective heard the burglar say to the cabbie “To the bridge. Hurry!” Liam ran into a cab and followed the burglar as fast as his cabbie could drive. Left, right, right again. Liam felt sick. His breakfast of Nutella and bread was about to come up! Liam reached the bridge just as the burglar was almost across.  Liam jumped out and ran, but not fast enough.  The burglar pulled out a brick before Liam could cross! Luckily Liam had a trick up his sleeve.  He had bought a helicopter right when he had got off the plane.  This helicopter arrived just in time. The pilot scooped Liam up and took him across the bridge and Liam reached down and grabbed the burglar up in a net. The burglar went to jail.  The bridge was fixed. And Liam retired in Turkey, but he still took time to help the little people. The End.


The Great Jelly Bean Disaster

In a secluded corner, deep in Fort Mason, San Francisco there worked an infamous detective named Old Man Penguin.  He was named this because he was so old and his nose was shaped like a beak.  Old Man Penguin was known around the world for his famous rescues and crime solving ability. One day as Old Man Penguin sat at his office desk, his phone rang.  Briinnngg...briiiinggg. “Hello, detective agency. Penguin speaking... I’ll be right there!”  Penguin had just received an emergency phone call to the local grocery store. Jumping into his penguin mobile he sped over to the grocery store as quickly as he could.  On his way he had his suspicions already on who the criminal was, for there had been similar burglaries to this one that had gone unsolved only because the criminal, Joe, was a slippery fish and hard to pin.Upon arriving to the store, a kid by the name of Gerald was standing at the door crying. “ All I wanted was a bag of Jelly Beans, and now they’re all gone!!!” Penguin scribbled this in his detective pad. Walking further into the store, Penguin, with his sharp detective skills, noticed the Jelly Bean trail immediately and followed the beans. The long bean trail led all the way into the Castro to a house on the corner.  The detective knocked on the door.  No answer.  He knocked again. No answer. He shook the handle. It was unlocked.  Penguin walked into the house finding Joe stuck in the window trying to escape.Rushing over Penguin captured and tied the criminal, Joe to a chair for questioning.Penguin was only able to get the directions to where this Josh kid lived from criminal Joe.  Penguin rushed out to find this Josh kid.Pulling up to an orange painted cat shaped house, Penguin knew right away that this was the place.  He could smell the sweet smell of candy in the air.Inside he found many rooms opening the first door he found millions of M&M’s. Opening the second door he found gobs of Air Heads. Opening the last door he found Josh buried under a mountain of Jelly Beans.“You’re busted!!!” said Penguin cuffing him.  “Oh man.” Josh said.  “I’m sorry I did this, my parents taught me to steal candy from others.  I just couldn’t stop but I’m ready to change! I promise I wont steal candy anymore!”  All the candy was returned to the grocery store and all the other stores just in time for Halloween.  Everybody was happy including the Penguin because he received a box of his favorite candy, Jelly Fish. The End.


Those Darn Pigeons Fly North

It was a sunny hot day and old man Mr. Mookwire was in his backyard painting his favorite furry friends the squirrels. When all of a sudden… A flock of pigeons flew above his head making him mess up his painting. Mr Mookwire raised his old man fist and says “ Those darn pigeons!” in the angriest voice. The very next day the pigeons started to fly north.  Mr. Mookwire decided that he should follow the pigeons and find out where they all go.  Thinking they must all go hang out at a beach somewhere he packed his swimsuit and floaties. Mr. Mookwire drove his car as fast as the pigeons flew, which isn’t very fast since they only fly 4 mi per hour. He took a pit stop at a store and asked the clerk for eggs and pepper- His favorite snack.  They didn’t have any which made grumpy Mr. Mookwire very upset.  He banged his fist on the counter breaking it in half.  He then smashes through the door to his car.Mr. Mookwire started back on track following the pigeons and he started to get cold.  Grabbing his jacket he slipped it on over his head but it got stuck and he couldn’t see where he was going causing him to accidentally step on the gas pedal harder pushing the car into the air for a mile or two. Landing with a thug he crashed into an iceberg he was super surprised, “What? Icebergs?” he said.  I thought they were going to someplace warm. His car started to sink.  The Pigeons saw this and jumped into the water and pushed his car back up to the surface. Safely on the iceberg, Mr. Mookwire raises his old man fist in the air and says “Those darn pigeons!” The End.


Six Girls and One Bad Thing

Once upon a time in the big city of New York, New York there were six girls named ....., ...., .., ..., ..... and ....The six girls were known for their amazing deceive skills they came across their next mission as they passed a telephone pole one day reading, WANTED! They all got shivers looking at the photo on the poster for it was the infamous criminal LIAM!  Quickly ripping sown the poster off the pole they rushed to the scene of the crime to look for clues. Finding a set of paw prints in the mud that looked like rat prints led them in the right direction because they knew Liam had rats for pets that he had turned into his servants.  These servant rats are who he uses to sneak in and steal for him. This time, the rats snuck in to steal the Blue Diamond from the famous jewelry store, 1000 Points. Following the paw prints all the way to main street where they disappeared leading them to another clue. Human foot prints!   He must of ordered the rats to wipe their feet. Following the human foot prints now they walked down Mulberry St. looking at the corner street light pole they saw a small piece of ripped material.  This material looked like it had been stuck and pulled off ripping a hole in the bag making all the tools fall out including cotton balls!  The cotton balls must be used to keep their paws so quiet when robbing the shops, they all thought. All of a sudden they saw Finn Mc Missile and he agreed to help the girl detectives track down Liam.  Finn Mc Missile set traps for the thieves.  Hopefully the trap he set up ahead caught them! They all followed the footprints to see.Beep. Beep.  The beeping sound got louder, and louder as they got closer.  Reaching the sound it was Liam trapped in the lasers. Quickly they called the police and arrested him.  Now that Liam was no longer a threat to society, large rewards were given to the girls, to thank them for capturing such an evil mastermind. With all the money they received they bought a big house to live in together.The End.

The Pigeon and the Picnic

Once upon a time in a big green field full of sunflowers three friends were having a picnic.  The air smelled of jasmine.  It was sunny and warm. The perfect day for a picnic! Pete the pigeon brought chips and hotdogs.  Stomper the cat brought cheese and bread.  And Woffer, the dog brought the red and white checkered blanket. During the picnic, Pete starts eating his hotdog and Stomper and Woffer ask for a hot dog but Pete says there is only one.  “Do you have any more?” “We really want one!”  they say excitedly.Just then, Pete finds another hotdog at the bottom of his bag. “Here you go.” he says. “That’s not a hotdog, that is worm!”  they say, becoming upset. Just then a hot dog vender comes through the field of sunflowers yelling “Hotdogs for sale!” The three friends look at each other and jump up and down with delight!Pulling out all their pockets they find they don’t have enough money.Quickly they decide to run home and grab some money. A minute later they are all back buying their hotdogs from the vendor.  Woffer the dog orders a veggie hot dog.  Stomper the cat orders a hot dog with a side of syrup. And Pete the pigeon orders two hot dogs.  One with mustard, and the other hot dog with ketchup.The End.

IMG_6969 IMG_6971

The Amazing Book of Great Food for Great Cooks

Table of Contents


  1. Grapefruit Pie
  2. Overnight Oatmeal With Yummy Raisins


  1. Fruit and Vegetable Food Boats
  2. Homemade Mozzarella and Crackers


  1. Radish and Watermelon Salad
  2. Mango, Dill, and Cucumber Salad
  3. Fruit Salad


  1. Cheese Tortellini
  2. Tomato Sauce Pizza


  1. Ice cream Pizza
  2. Lemon Chess Pie


The Monster

Crystal and Lila were musicians who traveled the world.  They had been to Germany, Mexico, France and even Oklahoma to fill in for other musicians when they got sick or hurt.  They always were sure to make the show went on!  Musicians were always grateful to have these dedicated musicians around to help out. One day the ended up in China.  Why???  When they were playing their rock music they heard over their guitars a huge, “Roooooaaar.”  Ignoring it they continues their concert. After everyone cleared out and went home the girls were in their dressing room and heard the roar again but also a loud “Stomp…stomp…..stomp…” Turning around there was a gigantic white furry monster standing there looking them straight in the eye.  He was as big as the Washington D.C. Monument! He had really pointy teeth and his hands were grey.  His nails were the size of grown scissors.  He had horns pointing out of his head.  His toungue was not pink but PURPLE.  His eyes were all white.

Reaching out and snatching Lila’s violin, he went for Crystal’s guitar.  Luckily behind her back she had a bamboo stick! Crystal was a professional bambooist who could use the stick to protect them.  Crystal hit the monster in the arm, giving him a scar right away.  The monster then broke through the ceiling and escaped. A few weeks later the monster heard the music again. Lila and Crystal heard the same stomp, stomp, stomp.  They looked out off stage at City Hall and saw the monster standing in the back.  This time the girls had a plan.  They stopped playing the rock music and started playing soothing classical music.  The monster listening to the soothing music started to fall asleep.  After the monster fell asleep they tied him up in rope.  “Wait”   said crystal. “Lets try teaching him how to be nice.”  They woke the monster up.  He gave a big “Roar!!” “Wait we want to be your friends!” said Crystal and Lila.  “Well maybe I have been a bit harsh.  “Hello, my name is Ralph and I don’t really like rock music.  Ralph decided to be a nice monster and he realized that he had way more fun being nice than being mean.  He became friends with Crystal and Lila and was the happiest monster in the world.The End.

See You at the Next Studio