Clay Haunted Castles

In this sculpture studio, little artists sculpted an 8-inch high 3-D castle. IMG_7704

Armatures were built onece plans were drawn.  Then from slabs of clay the armatures were wrapped and turrets, windows panes and brick details were added.

IMG_7505      IMG_7511  IMG_7513  IMG_7515 IMG_7653

Stability and structure  were key factors in the design of our castles.

IMG_7655   IMG_7661     IMG_7663  IMG_7668

We painted our castles with metallic paint mixed with a touch of glow-in-the-dark paint to add that extra dazzle!IMG_7673


The main armature was pulled out once the castles had dried, allowing for a tea light to be placed inside to illuminate the castle windows.


See You at the Next Studio!