Crafty Saturday Printed Portraits

Printmaking Portraits This Crafty Saturday we took a look at our faces in mirrors and learned how are faces are proportioned with our eyes in the middle of our faces which are either round oval or egg shaped.  We added smaller details that we sometimes forget when drawing ourselves like lips, curls, eyelashes and eyebrows, and our chin!

We then carved our final portrait onto a large piece of foam which we rolled a thin layer of printing ink.  Originally we wanted to use three colors that are monochromatic but we found that the image disappeared,  so we all decided on one color to make our final portrait prints.

IMG_7431  IMG_7438  IMG_7440  IMG_7447    IMG_7451   IMG_7454 IMG_7455  IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7459


We had a quick critique of what we liked about each others portraits.  Compliments help us appreciate each others different styles and also helps us discover new ways of drawing.

See You at the Next Crafty Saturday!