Giacometti Inspired Sculptures

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.42.13 PM In this sculpture studio, Little Artists took a look at Albert Giacometti's elongated bronze sculptures.  Shown above is Alberto's Cat sculpture. Giacometti said he felt his sculptures represented the shadows of the subjects he sculpted.


Little artists focused on designing their animals with elongated  abstract features like that of Giacometti's Cat Sculpture. To imitate a similar texture  and form we bent 20 gauge wire and covered the form with plaster sheets.

IMG_7901        IMG_7909

The sculptures were screwed into wood platforms before the plaster started to dry.  Covering the long skinny parts first was the easiest.  Then we moved to the larger areas of the sculpture.


An elephant and a Budgie bird were born.

IMG_7913 IMG_7914

After the plaster dried a simple coat of black acrylic paint was applied and a light gold rub to add more of a bronze touch.



Our sculptures turned out amazing and very similar to Giacometti's work.  We added one more textural detail.  Wool.  Giving our sculptures an aboriginal feel.

IMG_8056   IMG_8059

Please meet Ellie the Elephant and Budgie the Bird!IMG_8063  IMG_8065


See You at the Next Studio!