Reversible Bags

This past week Little Artists finished their reversible bags during Tuesdays sewing studio. Artists learned  how to cut patterns, pin their fabric, and use the sewing machine! IMG_4436    IMG_4432 IMG_7346

First we all hit up the FABRIC STORE!!!!!! Little artists chose 2 pieces of material 1 yard each. We looked at buttons too just in case we had extra time to bedazzle our bags when we were finished sewing.

IMG_7275 IMG_7282

Laying out each piece of fabric, Little Artists pinned the "good sides" together and cut out all their pieces needed to make their reversible bag with straps.  Next, darts were sewed into each corner to add a nice rounded edge.

IMG_7283 IMG_7284

Learning to thread the machine and wind the bobbins with our thread is the most important, if we wind them wrong we will have many problems down the line while we are sewing our projects.

IMG_7335 IMG_7337 IMG_7339  IMG_7341

Last we sewed the straps and flipped it out and we were finished. We snipped all the last little strings off and took our new bags home.

IMG_7343  IMG_7333

IMG_7344 IMG_7345

See you at the Next Studio!