Trick or Treat Costumes

In this sewing studio, Little Artists designed and sewn their very own Halloween Costumes. IMG_7460 IMG_7461

The challenge for these artists was figuring out all the logistics of making a costume.

What kind materials would I need? Would the material be comfortable? What design can I sew that would allow me to easily get in and out of my costume? How would I put all the pieces for my costume together?IMG_7463

The first day we focused on our accessories.  Crowns, hats, masks, blades, wings, wands, bags and brooms.IMG_7590     IMG_7748


IMG_8100IMG_7999 IMG_8000  IMG_8002

IMG_7741       IMG_7750      IMG_7756     IMG_7761 IMG_7765

Next came measuring our bodies, cutting our fabrics and sewing the pieces to fit us.IMG_7600



IMG_7768     IMG_7773 IMG_7598

On the last day of studio, it was extremely exciting for we all finally got to put our completed outfits all on!IMG_8007

Tarantula, Lady bug, Tooth Fairy, Grim Reaper and Glitter Witch.

IMG_8010   IMG_8013

Here are the original drawings of the costumes the artists designed.  Its great to look back at the original design to see the process from beginning to end.

IMG_8015 IMG_8017 IMG_8018 IMG_8020

See you at the next studio!