Day of the Dead Community Project

This past October a group of Little Artists came together to create a mini San Francisco for the Day of the Dead celebration in Garfield Park. The Day of the Dead is a day to honor and celebrate our memories of those who we have lost.  This mini San Francisco would become an altar for all of the Little Artists's loved ones that they have lost. IMG_8224



Many people from the surrounding S.F communities work hard each year to design all kinds of interactive altars for the Park. Our altar allowed people to write notes about their loved ones and place them into the city.

We began by making plaster puppets to represent our lost ones.  These puppets were then placed into the city where we thought they would like it best! Flowers, candy, candles and toys were given to each altar.




Next we added details to all of our San Francisco buildings, bridges and parks.

IMG_7962 IMG_7963   IMG_7966 IMG_7967 IMG_7968  IMG_7970     IMG_7975      IMG_7981       IMG_8198    IMG_8202 IMG_8203

IMG_8228   IMG_8231 IMG_8232

IMG_8254 IMG_8238IMG_8233  IMG_8235 IMG_8236  IMG_8241

IMG_8260IMG_8242 IMG_8245    IMG_8249   IMG_8252            IMG_8264

See You at the Next Studio!