Quartered Self Portraits

In this Drawing and Painting Studio we drew expressive portraits of ourselves using photos taken in studio.IMG_7891  IMG_7893   IMG_7896 Once we positioned  our eyes, nose and mouth we erased our ghost lines and quartered our portraits into four sections.  In each section a different media was then used; watercolor, oil pastel, chalk pastel and colored pencils. We paid close attention to what colors we actual see in the photos, not what we assume to be seen.IMG_8030  IMG_8032    IMG_8036  IMG_8038        IMG_8046   IMG_8144 IMG_8145      IMG_8151 IMG_8152   IMG_8155

Afterwards, we all discussed with each other what we liked about each others work. And what we each found to be the easiest and hardest of the four mediums we used.


See you at the Next Studio!