Klimt Inspirations

In this Painting and Drawing Studio, Little Artists studied the artist, Gustav Klimt and his painting The Tree of Life.  Focusing on the figures in his painting we observed the patterns, symbols and colors he used on the cloaks.  Using similar ideas we created a photo collage of ourselves in a cloak on canvas with acrylic and painted papers. Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 5.47.46 PM

We worked in three steps.  First painting the backgrounds of our paintings and the papers we would use for collaging.

We painted a garden and 5 types of painted paper that was cut up into a patchwork for the cloaks; oil pastels and watercolor, scratched acrylic with scrapers, zentangle, tempera and painted paper collage with rectangles.

IMG_8286 IMG_8312  IMG_8314

IMG_8503  IMG_8505   IMG_8508   IMG_8511   IMG_8514

Once the papers were dry, we cut and glued our patchwork cloaks onto our canvas.


Then we outlined our cloaks in a thin black boarder with white dots accented throughout.  Gold paper triangles were added as well, since Klimt always used gold flakes in his work :)

IMG_8710  IMG_8712

Each canvas was then varnished to protect it from the sun and peeling/unglued.


See You At the Next Studio!