Ukrainian Eggs

In this Mixed Media Studio, Little Artists made traditional Ukrainian Pansky Dyed Eggs. IMG_9562

Using a wax pen called a Kiska, we drew our design directly onto our egg, warming the bees wax over a candle.  The wax then slowly comes through the hole at the end of the Kiska.

IMG_9564 IMG_9565

The egg is then dipped in the lightest of colors first. It is  then dried and drawn on with wax again and dipped into the next darkest color.  Yellow, pink, red, green, blue and black are the color choices. IMG_9566         IMG_9639  IMG_9641

When the egg have been dipped in the last color, all the bees wax is then melted off to reveal all the beautiful color design underneath.





The completed eggs are then blown out and coated with a varnish and set to rest in a nest made of moss wire woven with colorful silk ribbon and natural raffia ribbon by the Little Artists.IMG_9668  IMG_9670  IMG_9672

IMG_9675       IMG_9682


See You at the Next Studio!