Watercolor Floogle, Baba, and Yaba Birds

Our inspiration in this Drawing and Painting studio comes from the Brooklyn Illustrator, Daniel Salmieri who illustrated NY Times best seller, Those Darn Squirrels which is a clever book about a backyard quarrel between squirrels and birds. IMG_9458

Little Artists studied different bird features and drew 3-4 tall cartoon birds onto their canvas with black ink and then painted the full canvas with watercolor paints.  Artists had fun mixing bright colors, splattering, salt sprinkles and dripping rubbing alcohol.

IMG_9538  IMG_9542  IMG_9544  IMG_9546

Once the background was dry artists had the choice to use acrylic or watercolor paint to finish the birds bodies and add details.

IMG_9611     IMG_9616     IMG_9621

IMG_9644  IMG_9646 IMG_9622

IMG_9647    IMG_9623

See You at the Next Studio!