Space Camp 2014

During this Spring Break Camp we created SPACE ART! Outer Space Portraits: Learned about foreshortening and how things close up are larger than objects further away. We used oil pastels, colored pencils and watercolor.

IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674


"Can you hear me major Tom?"




"Space Globe Trotters"


"Look Mom,  I'm in Space"


Space Looms: Little Artists designed and carved space clay looms.  After painting the clay looms the center was woven with colorful string to represent a sun, plant or moon.

IMG_2636      IMG_2641

IMG_2689        IMG_2711 IMG_2712

IMG_2725 IMG_2727 IMG_2729   IMG_2732   IMG_2735 IMG_2736 IMG_2737 IMG_2738

Space Globes: The famous snow globe just got better! We created SPACE GLOBES! Little Artists sculpted Sculpey oven bake clay into astronauts, spaceships, and aliens which was adhered to the bottom of their globes lid. Then smaller floating planets, stars and even suns were added with the glitter.

IMG_2646    IMG_2650    IMG_2655 IMG_2656


Rockets were made in the construction area during free time.





We learned about Moon Rovers and how important their jobs are and created our very own to get the job done.  We even added the EXTRAS!-Glow paint and snack packs.

Moon Rover Plan #1 Finds water and Rocks.

IMG_2750  IMG_2667



Moon Rover Plan #2 Uses satellites to find aliens and trap them under a basket for research.

IMG_2752   IMG_2666IMG_2743

Moon Rover Plan #3 Turbo Roller.  Fast and smart.

IMG_2755  IMG_2675IMG_2764

Moon Rover Plan #4 Hunts for snacks and pick them up with the claw grabbers.

IMG_2757 IMG_2746IMG_2717

Group Work: "SEACRHER UNIT 5 " Little Artists collaborated together to make a space canvas.  Using acrylic paint, Moge Podge,  tissue paper and twine.IMG_2688

IMG_2707   IMG_2704    IMG_2698


We added Christmas twinkle lights to the back of the canvas to make the stars, Little Tree sign, sun and spaceship light up.



See You at the Next Studio!