Stop Motion Animation

This past week during Spring Break Art Camp, 15 Little Artists wrote a story together that they then made into a claymation movie.  Story inspirations came from the thunderstorms happening outside our studio and our cute woodland puppets we play with in our studio.

"Once upon a time there were 4 dodo birds having a picnic in a Red Wood Forest. It was one of the bird’s birthdays, so they had cake, balloons, blueberries, acorns, fancy coconut drinks and balloons.

After they had finished setting up their picnic, they heard a strange sound coming from behind what they thought was a magical rock but little did they know it was thunder. 

While they were gone a squirrel walks over to where they had been sitting and sees the food and takes one acorn back to the Oak Tree Collective where he lives.

They come back and start drinking their fancy coconut drinks with the special party umbrellas. While they are enjoying their beverages a porcupine sneaks over and takes a blueberry, back to the Oak Tree Collective.

Peanut the chipmunk dresses up as a tree and sneaks over and takes their coconut drinks. The birds still don’t notice that their food is disappearing. They are too distracted chatting and enjoying themselves. One of them remembers that they need to get candles for the cake from the car. They walk over to the car together to go get them. While they are gone a squirrel dressed up in a tree costume comes over and sneaks their cake.

The birds come back to their picnic spot to find all of their food missing!  Then it starts POURING rain. The picnic is completely ruined. They run to find coverage, and run straight to Oak Tree Collective. They are 4 disappointed birds now, trying to dry off under the tree, when a blueberry falls on one of their heads. They look way up in the tree and see ALL OF THEIR FOOD.

The little animals see the sad birds and feel badly, so they bring the food down one by one, and apologize. The birds forgive them, and all of the animals have a birthday party together. "

Artists made the backdrop, clay characters, tree costume and props for the film set.  Artists also made flip books, optical spinners and marionettes though out the week.
IMG_5514 IMG_5517IMG_5525IMG_5532
Artists also made individual animations for their movie credit.IMG_5520  IMG_5524
When the clips were put together we added sound effects and recorded voice overs for each part of the movie. 600 photos were needed to make 1 minute, since we had 6.5 minutes we figured we took over 4,000 photographs!
We made special invites for our family and friends.IMG_5534 IMG_5535
Thank you families for joining us Friday Afternoon for our sneak peek preview. Check out our completed Animation, The Runaway Picnic on Youtube.
See You at the Next Studio!