Bubble Gum Portraits

In this Drawing and Painting Studio,  Little Artists ages 5-10 drew and painted an expressive self portrait  of themselves blowing a bubble gum bubble. Learning how to draw from what we see from a photo of ourselves can be tricky. Especially when up until this point in our life (5-10 yrs) we think we know exactly what we look like and just draw a generic pair of eyes, a mouth and a nose.  Well, if we learn to draw by what we see in a photo using the shapes, lines, color our drawings will be spot on!


A refresher in facial placement was the first step.  Looking at the measurement and alignment of our eyes, nose, ears and neck helped us sketch the outline of our self portraits.  We took our time to look at how many circles of color we have in our eyes, which direction our pupils were looking, expressional lines around our eyes, and our eyebrows and  mouths shape. We traced our portraits with permanent black ink and then started to mix our skin colors. Once our skin and backgrounds were painted we started to add the textural details and layers of color in our hair-yes, our hair is more than just 1 color!


IMG_2893 IMG_2820IMG_2898 IMG_2899   IMG_3001

At the end of each of our studio series classes, Little Artists sit down together to compliment and comment on their work and the work of others. What was easy? What did you learn? What did you see in your friends work that was really cool? Would you change anything about your work next time? Through this discussion Little Artists are learning about art dialogue and gaining confidence and pride in their work.


-Bubbles are pink balloons :) poked through the canvas.



See You at the Next Studio!