Paper Mache Birds Egg With Nest

In this mixed media studio, Little Artists each sculpted a hollow plaster egg (paper mache balloon) to hold  a clay birds nest and a needle felted wool bird. Needle Felting is very easy, but takes concentration as to not get poked by the sharp needles. Our Little Artists took their time and did a great job being careful! They made a Crow, Peacock and two yellow Finches. IMG_2877     IMG_2872 IMG_2870

Clay nests were made to hold our eggs and felted birds.

IMG_2866    IMG_2876

Once the plaster was wrapped around the eggs the patterned tissue paper was decoupaged around the outside with Modge Podge.


Next we cut a hole in the front of the egg and painted the inside with acrylic paint.


Then we placed our sticks, nest and felted bird into the egg and Voila!IMG_2907 IMG_2908 IMG_2909 IMG_2914  IMG_2927


See You At the Next Studio!