Monster Blobs, Frogs and Salt Paintings

In these pre-k studios Little Artists sculpted their very own wide mouth frogs out of air dry clay.  IMG_3137 IMG_3142   IMG_3145 IMG_3336 IMG_3341IMG_3271 \    IMG_3344 IMG_3276  IMG_3279 IMG_3342 Worked with mixing watercolor paint with droppers on glued salt paintings. This was a fascinating class, as artists learned how to use a dropper and watch their watercolors mix before their eyes.

IMG_3281  IMG_3283  IMG_3285    IMG_3290  IMG_3292    IMG_3325  IMG_3327 IMG_3328  IMG_3330

Just for Fun...we never not let the kiddos explore when they feel like trying something new, all areas int he studio are open to the Little Artists!!

IMG_3332 IMG_3333           IMG_3361 IMG_3356   IMG_3359 IMG_3360    IMG_3364  IMG_3366 IMG_3368 IMG_3369  IMG_3371


See You at the Next Studio!