Art in Nature Camp

This past week we studied art in Nature.  Looking at all the different types of things we can create with from things we find around us in nature.  Here are all the things we made... Hammered Chlorophyll Prints

IMG_4914  IMG_4916  IMG_5066

Clay impressions and Leaf Rubbings

IMG_4918 IMG_4922

IMG_4924 IMG_4927  IMG_5111 IMG_5102 IMG_5101

Symmetry in nature-leaves, snails, shells, bugs etc.  We drew our favorite onto fabric.

IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4932

Areas in the Room- Flower Still life and Nature Tables

IMG_4936 IMG_5003

IMG_4937   IMG_4950

Creating paint from food and spices.


IMG_4959 IMG_4985 IMG_4960 IMG_4967  IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4989

Making Lavender dough ornaments with lavender oil and buds.

IMG_4971   IMG_4974     IMG_4979 IMG_4992 IMG_5040

Leaf Man Insects on Sunprint Fabric

IMG_4996  IMG_4998 IMG_5048 IMG_5050IMG_4999  IMG_5001

Painting Tribal designs on Bamboo

IMG_5012  IMG_5014

Sewing Magnolia Leaves and Painting on Real Leaves

IMG_5046 IMG_5058

IMG_5041  IMG_5062

Seed Mosaics

IMG_5063  IMG_5065  IMG_5067  IMG_5103

Nature Scavenger Hunt using Twig Looms to hold what we find.

IMG_5073 IMG_5074      IMG_5080 IMG_5081  IMG_5083

All these items we made were then put into a beautiful mobile


IMG_5092  IMG_5094  IMG_5099       IMG_5106  IMG_5108  IMG_5110

See You at the Next Camp!