Lois Ehlert Inspired CA Bird Collage

In this Drawing and Painting Studio, Little Artists ages 7-12 created Lois Ehlert inspired birds using collaged papers that they painted themselves.  Each artists first chose their three favorite California birds.  Once chosen the artists needed to paint backgrounds, Birch tree paper and paper to represent each birds color and texture. IMG_4649 IMG_4670

The backgrounds were created with watercolor paints, salt and rubbing alcohol.  Toothbrushes, fan brushes and scrapers provided the textures needed to create a bark effect to the trees, starry night skies, and feathery wings and tail feathers.


IMG_4652 IMG_4662IMG_4656 IMG_4661   

Once the painted papers were dry the Little Artists cut out the parts of their birds and collaged them onto their Birch tree backgrounds.

IMG_4647  IMG_4645

IMG_4663   IMG_4650 IMG_5029 IMG_5023  IMG_4668 IMG_5026IMG_4666   IMG_5028    IMG_5031

See You at the Next Studio!