Underwater Optical Illusions

In this Drawing and Painting Studio ages 7-12 we all drew our first Optical Illusion.  Using the optical illusion of Fish Island By Erik Johansson as our inspiration. Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.57.06 AM


The only guideline to our drawings was that our image, like Eric Johansson's had to be two pieces that when seen separately look correct (above and below) but when the viewer sees the images together see's the illusion.  Sticking with the underwater theme the Little Artists got started thinking about their optical designs-trickier than one might think!

IMG_3587 IMG_3588  IMG_3590  IMG_3592 IMG_3589

Our optical designs were all drawn with ink, watercolor pencils and painted with watercolor paints.


Crab claws became rocky islands, fish fins became fishing boats, and sea weed became hair to an underwater scuba diver.  All of our completed work was then framed in glass, ready to be hung for when we got home :)

IMG_3599 IMG_3601  IMG_3610 IMG_3605IMG_3603            IMG_3615

See you at the Next Studio!