Pop-Up Book Camp

During this past week of Little Tree Studios Summer Camp, fifteen little artists became paper engineers and created their very own pop-up book. IMG_5400

Our first day of camp we wrote our short stories and made our title pages for our books.  We learned how to make simple lift flaps.  Many of us used the flaps to introduce the characters in the story.

IMG_5250 IMG_5252  IMG_5268 IMG_5255  IMG_5258 IMG_5389

The second day we designed our pop-up book covers and learned how to make wheels.  We had many creative ideas!  Treasure boxes that turned to show treasures, clocks that turned to show a day in the life of a pigeon, a list of rules given by a queen, binoculars that turned to show what was being seen through the lenses, a newspaper being read by batman turned to show the Joker had escaped from jail!

IMG_5446IMG_5259  IMG_5262 IMG_5263  IMG_5265


Tab Castles and angle folds were taught on the third day of camp.

For the castles we all used the same pattern but changed the details to suit our stories, changing the castles into cheese factories, Minecraft house, or duplicating the Queen of Hearts or Elsa's and Anna's castle.

IMG_5310IMG_5308 IMG_5410 IMG_5334IMG_5401 IMG_5297

IMG_5379 IMG_5345

Next we made one or two Pull Tabs,  cat persons jumping up and down, bat mobiles,  kittens hiding under logs, and truck loads of lettuce being delivered to fat rats named Dudley.

IMG_5432 IMG_5366

IMG_5331 IMG_5385


Here are just a few of our  book covers and Angle Fold Pop-Ups of animals and  people.

IMG_5278 IMG_5333

IMG_5279 IMG_5346IMG_5280 IMG_5354 IMG_5281 IMG_5356IMG_5282  IMG_5376IMG_5283 IMG_5405IMG_5284  IMG_5360IMG_5330 IMG_5286 IMG_5374 IMG_5287 IMG_5337 IMG_5288 IMG_5390

IMG_5289 IMG_5322

IMG_5412 IMG_5414 

IMG_5290 IMG_5311

IMG_5302 IMG_5386

By the end of the week we had created 5-6pages of pop-ups.  The week was a blast, and all of our hard work paid off! We each shared our favorite pages with the group and told each other what we liked about each others work.

We all received a Pop-Up Book Certificate for our creative designs, Perfect Pull Tabs, Fanciful Flaps, Awesome Angle Folds and Wonderful Wheels.

IMG_5314 IMG_5335        IMG_5332 IMG_5408

IMG_5348  IMG_5361            IMG_5407 IMG_5435


See you at the Next Studio!