Stuffed Animal Sewing Camp

During this past week during summer camp, our Little Artists each sewed their very own stuffed animal using their own designs.


Artists planned out their animal design in studio before we all headed out together to pick out and buy our fleece at the fabric store down the street. We each approximated a yard of fabric for our animals and extras such as blankets, hats and clothing.


The next day in studio we took time to sharpen our sewing skills before starting our main stuffy project.

First we each sewed on fabric with no needle to get use to the speed of the machine. And then we sewed with a needle on paper through a maze to get use to turning, stopping, using the presser foot lever and  back stitch button. IMG_5130 IMG_5128

Once we felt comfortable with the machines we each cut out a pin cushion pattern which was a quick lesson to show us how to pin and sew the right sides of fabric together, how to flip and stuff things with polyester fill and how to hand sew the small hole in the seam closed.  We each received fabric pins and a sewing needle and  if we successfully returned all of them at the end of the week we each would received a special prize for keeping our materials neat and organized, which is very important in sewing.

IMG_5132   IMG_5138

Then we started to cut out our patterns.  All of our stuffy designs were then altered from a base bear or a dog pattern. Enlarging ears to make a bunny, extending arms to make wings or cutting of ears to make horns.  Three of our animal designs needed original patterns made.

IMG_5140 IMG_5139 IMG_5167   IMG_5145

Small details such as eyes, noses, paws, collars and wings were all hand sewed on.

IMG_5155 IMG_5156 IMG_5157 IMG_5160  IMG_5162 IMG_5149

IMG_5209 IMG_5168

When all our details were attached we sewed the arms, legs and ears so they could be stuffed and pinned in before we sewed the remaining body on the machines.  The best part was the reveal of turning the animals right side out and seeing our animals for the first time!

IMG_5148 IMG_5174  IMG_5218 IMG_5202 IMG_5178 IMG_5191 IMG_5152 IMG_5201IMG_5204

All of the little stuffies were then filled with polyester filing and hand stitched closed.

IMG_5180  IMG_5207 IMG_5198  IMG_5188IMG_5164

We then took time to fill out our Little Tree Birth certificates.

"This furry friend is special because I brought it to life.

I sewed it. I stuffed it. I made it my own.

I promise to love it and give it a home."

IMG_5210 IMG_5211 IMG_5229

Happy Birthday cute little stuffies! We LOVE you so much, and are so ecstatic about how we made you from scratch! We sat together and introduced the new additions to the world. Sharing what our stuffies like to eat (sprinkle cupcakes, cheese and bamboo), their favorite games, what they are good  at (like disco dancing) and who their are scared of (pet dogs who love to eat stuffies :0)

We each received an award of sewing achievement certificate.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.31.21 AM

IMG_5220  IMG_5172 IMG_5170IMG_5222 IMG_5225 IMG_5231   IMG_5232 IMG_5237 IMG_5240

IMG_5234 IMG_5248 IMG_5242  IMG_5244   IMG_5228

See you at the Next Studio!