Corrugated Ship Camp

This week during Little Tree Art Camp we each created our very own corrugated ship. Once our pieces were cut, we glued and painted the main ship. We made purple mermaids, red dragons and even blue dolphins. IMG_5464 IMG_5473 IMG_5481 IMG_5502

IMG_5461  IMG_5457 IMG_5455  IMG_5451 IMG_5448

The next day we designed our ships flags and painted the ships name on the bow.

IMG_5598 IMG_5634


IMG_5467 IMG_5470

We created 5 funny crew members to sail our ships. Some crews were families, other crews protected animals, and some were pirates!  Artists used decorated tape and roving wool and other items to accessorize their crew members. Crows nests were made a top of the sails so crew members could search for land.

IMG_5630 IMG_5602        IMG_5617 IMG_5637 IMG_5477IMG_5492 IMG_5643

Each ship had a figure head and a tail made after the name of the boat.   We glued our pieces together and planned out the rest of the ships details such as the sail, anchor, lifeboats, hull and steering.

IMG_5513  IMG_5517  IMG_5596 IMG_5522 IMG_5505 IMG_5655

Each ship carried special cargo of all types; Sushi, cookies, spaghetti, marshmallows and treasure boxes full of gold found on our neighborhood treasure hunt.

IMG_5527  IMG_5779IMG_5658 IMG_5661

Sails were sewn so they could be pulled up in heavy winds.

IMG_5550 IMG_5562IMG_5552 IMG_5497

Anchors and panels were made and painted, ladders were strung and even lower decks with bunk beds were created!

IMG_5537 IMG_5535 IMG_5533 IMG_5520

Pirate stories were told.

IMG_5573   IMG_5584


IMG_5586       IMG_5599       IMG_5607    IMG_5616  IMG_5612      IMG_5625       IMG_5636  IMG_5638     IMG_5640 IMG_5646   IMG_5650 IMG_5657

Artists dressed the part for the treasure hunt, even the teachers of course!  Little Artists had to answer five riddles to receive clues to lead them to the treasure.

IMG_5664 IMG_5574 IMG_5665 IMG_5671 IMG_5677  IMG_5692   IMG_5696 IMG_5697  IMG_5699 IMG_5700  IMG_5719  IMG_5726 IMG_5729  IMG_5730 IMG_5736  IMG_5743

We shared our creations with each other, comlipmenting each others cool ideas and fun ship additions.

IMG_5762 IMG_5791IMG_5763 IMG_5766   IMG_5769   IMG_5772   IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5777  IMG_5780 IMG_5782  IMG_5784 IMG_5786 IMG_5756IMG_5785   IMG_5789